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About RK Inspections

I started working in the real estate industry while I served in the military, stationed in Jacksonville, NC.  As I participated in the home buying process, I soon came to understand the need for a quality home inspection.  During some of the home inspections, I noticed that the inspectors overlooked key items that would affect the function of the systems in the home. 


At RK Inspections, I provide in depth and quality inspections.  The subject property  will receive a thorough inspection and at the end of the inspection, if the customer is present, I will go over all findings in detail.  I will answer every question and ensure the customer walk away with a thorough understanding of the findings. I will then provide an electronic home inspection report within 48 - 72 hours of inspection. 

Our Process

Initial Contact

Contact me by calling, texting, or completing the contact form to schedule a service call. 

I will respond to all requests in the manner received, unless otherwise specified, to discuss your inspection needs in more details.


Once scheduled, I will come to the address provided and render the services requested.

On-Site Consultations

If the customer is present following my inspection, or at the agreed upon schedule time,  I will provide a detailed oral report on all findings to include pointing out areas of concerns for the customers' visual examination.   

The Finishing

Within 24 hours of inspection, I will submit an electronic report to the customer as well as any 3rd party upon customer request.

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Let's Discuss Your Inspection Needs

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